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Burning Devices Security

Burning devices are one of the major reasons that can cause to severe organization data loss and information theft. Using common Windows GPO (Group Policy Objects) or DLP (Data Loss Prevention) products will be able to eliminate Read or Write access to the burning devices. However, when approved file or documents needs to be burned, the burning device will need burn permissions to complete the burning action. In that case standard GPO or DLP tools will not be able to control which information is burned and once burning permissions are given any sensitive or protected data will be able to be burned and leak outside the organization. The above scenario is a common case in organizations that needs to provide burned information on CD/DVD/Blu-ray media.

Lan-Secure Burn Protector: Secure Burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray Management Software has the perfect solution to deal with files and folders secure burning permissions. The software will automatically disable Write access to burning devices and only approved files or folders will be able be burned using the software protected client interface. Any other burning software or any attempt for direct Write access will be eliminated by the software client protection service.

How does it work?
Lan-Secure Burn Protector software is installed on windows organization platform and all the protected computers needs to be added to the software protection list through the software management console or through any 3rd party deployment system by using the software deployment MSI package. Burning permissions to users files and folders will be set through the software monitor console using default permissions or per user permissions. The clients protection service will prevent any Write access to the protected computers burning devices either directly or from any burning software. Burning data will be available only through the software clients burning interface any unpermitted files or folders will not be available for burning.

How does it protect the organization?
Burning devices in organization computers can cause severe data leaks and information theft either deliberately by potential attackers or by innocent users mistakes. Preventing these devices from burning sensitive organization information while using files and folders burning permissions are crucial tasks in any organization. Using software protection tool that implements both tasks will contribute to the organization security and productivity.

Implementing burning devices security is crucial to any organization that use burning devices to prevent data loss and information theft. However, using the standard access control tools like GPO or DLP can only control the burning devices availability and not the burned information. Using users files and folders burning permissions tool can serve the organization security while keep using burning devices safely.